• Conclusions from the discussion regarding the Radotín Centre

    14.02.2018 / The public hearing of the Radotín Centre construction project on Monday 22 January filled the large hall of the Radotín Cultural Centre. The discussion, which lasted almost 4 hours, was very interesting and intertwined with various views of people on the future shape of this key Radotín locality, the ”heart of Radotín”.
  • Šárovo kolo will be completely changed

    25.01.2018 / It has taken many months but the wait has been worth it. At the end of 2017, another construction for tens of millions of crowns was launched in Radotín with the handover of the building site.
  • Extraordinary check of the footbridge

    24.01.2018 / With the participation of Ing. Roman Šafář, Ph.D., a certified bridge engineer and the holder of authorization to conduct main and special inspections of bridges, a special inspection of the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the Berounka river in Radotín was carried out on 9 and 12 December.
  • Quarter century of good practice

    17.10.2017 / This year is exceptional – it has been 25 years since a partnership was entered into between Radotín and Burglengenfeld. Celebrations are spread throughout the year, the last of which will be a Concert for Friendship held in Radotín on 4 November.
  • First Hand Figures 2016 Prague of the Czech Statistical Office

    21.07.2017 / This first summary of statistical data for 2016 of the Czech Statistical Office provides selected pieces of information on the Capital City of Prague.
  • The fourth season at Biotop has been launched

    23.06.2017 / Biotop in Radotín officially welcomed its first visitors of the 2017 season on Saturday 13 May when a fun afternoon was held at the swimming pool that included the ceremonial unlocking of the water surface.
  • 2017: More than 20 million to investments

    07.04.2017 / This year, thanks to its past good management, Radotín’s self-government can use so far the highest amount for its own investment actions, and it wants to take the best advantage of the funds.
  • Radotín website in English

    13.01.2017 / Welcome to the new City District of Prague 16 foreign language website. This is the very first version of the full website and as the pioneering language into which key areas and articles are translated we have chosen English.
  • More waste containers to go underground

    13.01.2017 / Two years after the first underground "nest" holding large containers for sorting waste was put into operation, another five are now to appear around Radotín.
  • Use the services of the Mobile Town Hall

    22.11.2016 / This service, provided by Radotín town hall to local inhabitants whose age or disabilities make it more difficult for them to get to the right office in person when they need to deal with certain matters, has now been functional for more than two years.